Hunting Supplies: The Top 5 Supplies Needed for a Successful Hunt

You've called up your pals, booked the time off work and for all intents and purposes, you're ready for your hunting trip. Or are you? You’re geared up, but do you actually have the proper hunting gear? Your enthusiasm won't take down a duck or keep your feet dry, after all. This is why making sure you have the right hunting supplies is crucial to making sure you have a great experience.

So what hunting supplies do you need?

There are a lot of products on the market, some you need, some you can probably do without, and some are really just glorified trinkets – they look neat, but ultimately, they’re useless. When thinking about what hunting gear to bring, it's first important to consider what you'll be hunting. Keep this in mind as you read on.

The Top 5 Hunting Supplies Needed for a Successful Hunt

Your Weapon of Choice. As we've already mentioned, you have to consider what you're hunting when you're packing your hunting gear. You wouldn't want to pack a pistol on a deer hunt, or use a moose shotgun on a duck. Not only would think decimate the bird, but it is also illegal. Know your animal, know the laws, and bring the proper weaponry.

Dress the Part. Your hunting supplies should also include appropriate clothing, so dress like a hunter. If you’re hunting airborne waterfowl, head-to-toe camo is cool. If you’re hunting larger, grounded game, however, camo can be dangerous. Sure, camouflage may hide you from the animals, but it also hides you from other hunters who could easily mistake you for an animal. Dress in the standard bright orange duds to keep yourself safe. Also, regardless of what you’re hunting, dress for the weather and make sure you have good, waterproof footwear.

Decoys. Successful hunting - especially waterfowl hunting - depends on decoys. Bring your faux friends on all your trips!

Calls. A good quality goose or duck call should be a staple of your hunting supplies if you’re a waterfowl enthusiast.

Entertainment. Not that a good hunt isn't entertaining enough, but even hunting has its downtimes – and, no offense to our friends, but they're not always as entertaining as they think. Pack a deck of cards, a good book or a few beers to enjoy after the hunt.

We’re waterfowl hunting specialists, so all of the hunting supplies that made our list are essential to hunting ducks and geese. As we’ve already mentioned, your hunting gear will largely depend on what you’re hunting. This said, you won’t go wrong with these basics. Happy hunting!