Ryan Reynolds


Hometown: Napanee, Ontario

Profession: Professional Waterfowling Guide

Ryan was raised in a hunting family and his outdoor heritage runs deep. A 3rd generation outdoorsman, he has been fortunate enough to turn his hobby into every waterfowler’s dream. Ryan has guided for waterfowl all over Canada. He has spent over 100 days per season in the field for the past ten years chasing waterfowl throughout Canada and the US. This veteran hunter is equip with the knowledge and resources to deal with almost any hunting scenario.

If his hunting experience and knowledge is not impressive enough, he has also found great success on the calling contest stage. With multiple top placings and wins under his belt, Ryan is as complete as a water-fowler as you will find. Ryan is also passionate about introducing kids and new hunters to the sport that is such a big part of his life.